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SMEC Offshore has taken a hands on and ground breaking way to deal with the new mechanization and controls reasoning that is presently in progress in the business SMEC Offshore is effectively partaking in and supporting the most recent SPE specialized gatherings devoted to the exchange and advance vision of robotization in the present boring programs.

Open source programming takes into consideration client level investigating where applicable.Automation and control frameworks are getting progressively significant to assembling in a scope of divisions. They are frequently seen as specialized arrangements, notwithstanding, they go under the transmit of the senior building group at the coalface.The truth is, however, mechanization and control frameworks sway the more extensive venture, which implies they can essentially improve your business.

These upgrades revolve around improved profitability both on the plant floor and in different zones of the organisation.Automation and Control Systems is one of the most seasoned and quality arranged Industrial Automation preparing Center, in India offering preparing programs that guarantee promising vocations consequently positioning it most elevated among the top modern preparing organizations in Asia. Our rich experience of more than hardly any years in giving preparing to Indian and abroad ventures has made us a main preparing Service Provider.

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OTS Components take into account acquisition anyplace on the planet. No restrictive segments or systems. We use Siemens S7 PLC innovation using the STEP 7 programming and building condition.

  • PLC/HMI equipment and programming plan, change and investigating. (Siemens, WAGO, Allen-Bradley, NI, Omron, Automation Direct, Infilink, and GE).
  • VFD interface and programming (ConverTeam, ABB, Unico, Siemens, and Emerson).
  • Controls and programming to overhaul existing frameworks paying little heed to the current VFD or Equipment.
  • A wide assortment of control alternatives are accessible from a completely enveloping digital control seat to the fundamental drillers control support.
  • VAssortment of utilizations accessible from cranes, penetrating apparatuses, and Dredging.

Fiber optic, repetitive, self-mending ring systems for strong correspondences uprightness. Pertinent to both PROFIBUS and Ethernet correspondences

Chair, or console controls are available. Standup and console versions can be indoor, outdoor, hazardous area (C1D1, C1D2, Zone 1 or Zone 2) or non-classified. Information provided to the user includes:

  • Electrical Switch gear, SCR fragmentary to 3200HP, VFD partial to 4000 HP, Control interface, Generator controls.
  • Control Consoles, organizing, instrumentation, consoles and boards and engine control focuses.
    Apparatus Monitoring Instrumentation for mud checking, penetrating information obtaining, inclining, and apparatus activity confirmation.
  • SCR control houses
  • VFD control houses
  • Field alterations on existing gear
  • Revamping existing gear
  • Troubleshooting & repair
  • Equipment field installations
  • Land & marine rigs

Fundamental to advanced electrical controls and hypothesis, Basic to Advanced generator control hypothesis, Basic to advanced SCR hypothesis, Basic to advanced VFD hypothesis, Basic to advanced PLC hypothesis and programming.

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