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Generator Control

Let SMEC Offshore provide you with our engine/generator controller in particular engineered for main electricity generator drilling applications. We can offer either digital or analog controllers. Our electronic controllers have been used in the oil patch for over thirty years. This success, along with our powerful applications (all controllers can be programmed to control any engine/generator set in minutes) and the potential to load percentage with nearly unlimited engine sets, offers your operation with a power solution, which is second to none. Our Generator Control Package contains the wished provision to perform the favored leading control for Voltage Excitation and Voltage Regulation at the side of the required Speed Sensing Feedback for Speed Control. All of this together with a Digital or Analog Isochronous controller allows the quit user to regulate there rig performance with the latest on top of things technology.

Engine/Generator Controllers Solutions

  • 250 to 3000 (or larger) KVA generator control
  • Stand-alone unit or in a line-up
  • Shares a common main bus
  • 50 or 60 Hz electrical systems
  • 7 seconds engine speed ramp from idle to run service
  • Generator sets
  • Operate in parallel
  • Use dynamic kW and KVAR for load sharing
  • Electronics protection
  • Power limited to 100% of the limits of kW and KVA
  • Frequency
  • Limiter protects system from engines run out of spec
  • Suppression protects unshielded or digital systems

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