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The growing use of modern electricity electronic apparatus (drives, uninterruptible power supplies, etc.) produces nonlinear modern and thus hundreds the community with harmonics. The capacitance of the power capacitor forms a resonant circuit at the side of the feeding transformer. Experience shows that the self-resonant frequency of this circuit is generally between 250 and 500 Hz, i.E. within the place of the 5th and seventh harmonics. Typical hundreds requiring harmonic filtering consist of 6 pulse drives (AC / DC), 3 section UPS, frequency converters


  • Top lift or forklift skid available in ANSI 61 grey or galvanized
  • Input / Output connections either hardwired or configured with power connectors
  • Meets IEEE-519 standard for both current and voltage distortion
  • ABS approved for marine applications. Up to 6% more efficient than 18-pulse solutions
  • Optional integrated control power filter
  • Optional integrated surge protection
  • Available in sizes up to 3500HP

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