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SMEC Offshore has broad involvement with computerizing and motorizing boring and workover rigs. These frameworks coordinate in-house gear and customer outfitted hardware for an absolute mechanization package. We have practical experience in building, engineering, ecological and development administrations. While we are most notable for adding magnificence and structure to networks through elite structures and keen framework, we give substantially more than that. The ONGC rig comprises of an office for racking the drill pipes locally available according to its size for simple racking and sourcing it in a deliberate way at whatever point the boring tasks are completed. As these channels for penetrating are utilized according to the necessary length and breadth they should be recognized and kept so that they are stacked in an organized way. This is accomplished utilizing this finger board. This has 9 line out of which 8 columns have 14 openings of equivalent measurement isolated by an all-encompassing arm/finger and the ninth line is for greater dimensional channels and has 7 spaces in it. SMEC Offshore is pleased to be an equivalent open door work environment and a governmental policy regarding minorities in society manager.


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