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SCR Control Power System

The SCR drive control framework is responsible for the control of DC engine in the anchor winch control system onboard rig framework. In this framework the info supply 460 V, 3φ is changed over to variable DC current stock and the equivalent is provided to the DC engine so as to do ceaseless and smooth speed control. The new framework fuses computerized control gadgets instead of the more established simple controls. This has helped in exact control of the framework as far as incitation and exact controls. The general framework involves two areas, forward and toward the back. Every segment has two SCR boards which is utilized to control the DC engine independently of each area. In case of disappointment of any of the segment, the single SCR in operational state of the other area can be used for working any of the engine at once according to prerequisite till the time the other is made operational.

The framework’s capacity depends on specific data sources got from the field components and the directions started from the focal/neighborhood control boards. This sources of info are brought into the framework utilizing delicate catches gave in the HMI gave in the control boards. The capacities, as clarified prior is partitioned into SCR control and Anchor winch control and checking. Individual HMI and PLC boards are accommodated accomplishing the equivalent easily. The product for this is created in house and the equivalent is very easy to understand and also educational with signs and cautions to encourage safe activities of the framework. Following segment clarifies the individual capacity and relating cautions utilizing screen shots of all the accessible pages.

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