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Integrated Drillers Console

SMEC Offshore wise and incorporated driller’s cabin structure completely meets coordinated control requirements and is intended for use either on jack up rigs or semi-submersible stages. The system also includes a power management system (PMS) and integrated instrument system. The PMS screens data continuously while additionally recording authentic information. The coordinated instrument framework gets and forms signals from the sensors, encoders and transmitters and ventures the information onto the driller’s lodge contact panel.The Driller’s Console shapes the interface between the administrator and Drilling Equipment control/status I/O of the PLC framework. The Driller’s Console I/O is associated with one remote rack, situated in the support and associated by double Ethernet Fiber optic link to one Optical Link MOXA module, additionally situated in the comfort, which convert the sign for use by the fiber optic link.


  • Real-time monitoring and logging
  • User-friendly touch-screen controls
  • Advanced, streamlined wireless networking
  • Seamless interface with other systems and programs
  • Password-protected data security
  • Modular, easily expandable architecture
  • Reliable 8- to 12-hour battery backup

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