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Finger Board Control And Pipe Handling Systems

The Fingerboards consist of a series of fingers positioned over the setback area within which stands of drill pipe, drill collar and tubing are ‘racked back’ and restrained from horizontal movement.On each of the finger rows, a series of pneumatically operated latches are arranged in order to retain each stand independently and safe.Fingerboard sequences are operated in conjunction with the vertical pipe-handling system, ensuring safely captured stands throughout the handling sequence.The fingerboards are typically operated from a derrickman’s cab situated high in the derrick above the fingerboards, thus requiring no manual intervention by a derrickman.

Finger board can be operated from HMI panel provided in the operator cabin at Monkey Board. Figure shows the main operator screen in HMI. From the above screen we can see that there are two buttons named “FWD” and “AFT” which is used to select which section we want to operate. If selected the selected section will turn to green as shown below. In the above picture both FWD and AFT button are red means none of the section is selected. From HMI, operator can randomly select the finger to do the open and close operation. When the operator change the row from one row to another the current operating row finger will get closed.

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