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Drilling Control Systems

As the industry’s only reflexive drilling system, SMEC provides control and consistency of rig automation to any operation. By enabling your drillers to automate repetitive drilling activities, the result is consistent performance, with every driller—regardless of individual experience level—achieving improved performance time and time again.

Our integrated drilling systems Amphion and Cyberbase equip you with the necessary information for increased drilling control over the rig equipment. They merge direct machine control, rig automation, drilling data, CCTV, and third-party information into one coherent system so you can make the right decisions.

We use advanced technology to enhance safety and efficiency and reduce redundancy on your rig by providing control systems that automate drill floor processes and equipment interaction. Our machine control systems help prevent power blackouts, mitigate dropped pipe, and avoid tool collisions. We also offer a variety of single-tool interfaces, making our systems flexible enough to accommodate a range of drill floor processes.

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