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Deep Sea Corer Winch System

When your operations require effective, optimised deep-sea core-sampling, rely on a Rapp deep-sea coring winch from SMEC Offshore.

With our range of designs for both direct pull and traction winches, we can handle the most common scientific equipment such as CTD (conductivity, temperature and depth) rosettes, corers, sledges, plankton nets, and fish sonars. Usually, only few adaptations are required to meet your specific requirements. If you have a specialist application, we can provide you with references for completely customised winches to give you some idea of our broad capabilities.

Water-cooled, frequency-controlled electric motors provide extremely accurate winch control. For delicate operations such as video-monitored seabed sampling or to increase the weather window for your operations, we offer active heave-compensated winches that make use of SMEC Offshore lengthy experience and excellent reputation with subsea cranes.

Benefits include:

  • Tailored design with multiple heavy-duty motor configurations available. This flexibility delivers an optimal solution for different types of corer systems
  • For optimised spooling, winches have a synchronized, electric fleet angle sensor for a level wind
  • Custom-sized drums fit various synthetic or steel cable capacities

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