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Deck Skid System

Our deck-skid systems with pallets, deck rail arrangements and hydraulically-driven tractor units, enable the safe, controlled shuttling of loads of up to 150 tonnes, across an open deck into multiple ship hangars and moonpools even while underway.

These systems ensure complete load security and can be operated locally or via a remote control panel. Quick connections of the tractors to a ringline hydraulic system provide enhanced flexibility and mobility for any load.


Their flexible and compact modular A-frame-based design includes a tilting and/or telescoping frame, electric or hydraulic drive active heave-compensated umbilical winches, locks, hydraulic power unit, control system and additional features depending on operational needs.

An articulated and fully-dampened snubber provides increased load security and full load rotation while additional snubber sheaves enable offlead umbilical angles during surveys. A hydraulic shock-absorber dampens any snatch loads, enhancing load and umbilical safety. The A-frame can be retracted to free the maintenance area around the ROV when parked.

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