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Paga Systems for Offshore Rigs Platforms

SMEC Offshore provides PAGA (Public Address & General Alarm) systems for offshore rigs and platforms. PAGA is a communication system that integrates emergency communication and broadcasting. With this system, it is possible to quickly notify the construction personnel of the oil and gas to evacuate in the event of an emergency or to ask the staff to seek help from the duty room. The PAGA system includes speakers, amplifiers, emergency phones, explosion-proof phones, sound enclosures, telephone booths and other equipment.

The functions of PAGA system includes mainly three parts.That are Public Address, also namely the function of PA,General Alarm function, also namely the function of the GA and Phone functions, also namely the function of BX.

For the offshore platform, the basic composition of PAGA includes three parts.

  • PAGA host, including the main controller module, audio and video media module, a power amplifier module, power module, frame and other auxiliary modules.
  • PAGA operating station, including the main control station, remote control station.
  • Terminal equipment, including speakers, sound and light alarm device, emergency waterproof /explosion-proof telephone and so on.

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