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Driller / Talk Back System

Talk Back System enables free broadcasting and telecommunication in a particular area such as deck and machinery areas in the ship. All substations can be called to the main and remote stations with the maximum capacity of 45 substations. It can be connected to the PAGA and the PABX system as well. This system has the function of both ‘call in all’ and ‘call in group’ and of the automatic switch of power for the main and the emergency situations.

All products used in our talk/back systems comply with the most stringent safety specifications, and are approved and certified by leading international regulatory bodies including ATEX.System products are designed for harsh environment and ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.


  • Interfaces simply with a variety of third-party equipment including fire and gas detection systems, auxiliary security systems and signals, PA/GA systems, two-way radios and telephone PBX.
  • Accepts multiple input sources for tones, pre-recorded voice messages, and background music.
  • Enables you to integrate all of your critical life safety, evacuation and communication systems.
  • Installation and commission is easy and cost effective.
  • Off the shelf, two-conductor cable provides power, communication and control with a range of up to 2.4 miles.
  • Systems can be commissioned and customized quickly in the field or remotely with pushbutton menu selections or a point-and-click software interface.
  • Spare parts are standardised and minimal.

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